What’s impacting your portfolio?

We hear about the jobless numbers, retail sales figures, housing sales, and  how bad the American economy is. I am not here to say that we are in good shape. The facts are the facts. America is in a financial mess.

Do these reports have an impact on your portfolio and your retirement plan? Certainly. Are they the only things that influence your balance and performance? Let’s talk about that.

While consumer confidence, employment figures and real estate sales all impact Wall Street hourly, there are ways that a person can create a hedge that will lessen the impact to them personally. Simple tweaks to the plan can create dividends that will create wealth and a place you in a position to have a stable, steady income when you need it.

We talk about a variety of solutions being used by people of all walks of life that helps lower the level of worry they have when they look at their overall portfolio. How is your portfolio looking? How is the 1st and second buckets performing in 2012?

The IndyWealthCoach is here to answer questions and will come to your group and share some practical solutions that can lower the stress you feel about  today’s economy. There is no better time than now to get learn a fresh approach to money management.

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