A good plan doesn’t always equal success

It has been said that the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions. It’s not enough to have a good plan in life if the execution of the plan is not effective.

Let’s face it, no one ever plans to lose. Show me someone who plans on becoming a failure and I will show you a liar. Yet there are more people who fall short on their plans than those who succeed.

Why is that? If most of the wins in life are produced by only a hand full of people is it logical for us to assume that the majority of people developed plans to lose? If they did plan to lose then we should call them successful since they achieved the goal they set out to do.

It has become more and more evident in my life that a good number of people miss the mark not because they have the wrong plan, but rather due to the fact that they make critical errors when executing their plan. This is why it is crucial for someone to walk along your side that can keep you on the goal & guarantee you success. If you would like someone to assist you with your planning, let me know.


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