Don’t Make the same critical errors your parents made

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The media is reporting both the positive and the negative about money.  Which is how we are conditioned to act the way we do when it comes to finances. Each camp has their mantra. Each one trying to influence the public with their ideas.

SO what did our parents do? Most of them followed like sheep follow their shepherd. Some of our parents found a good shepherd who taught them the true way that money works and they now either live a comfortable retirement lifestyle  or if they have passed, have left a nicely packaged inheritance for their loved ones or favorite charity. Unfortunately most of them listened to shepherds who were not fully educated in planning for a strong financial future. They listened to the stories of BIG MONEY being made in the likes of the oil boom, dot com and even housing boom to name a few. Only to learn the one simple rule.  It’s not only the time in the market thats important but more important is the timing.

What do I mean by that? Well, if the market is high, you cash in you winnings and principal, you walk away on top. But if you need to “cash in”

A fresh look at why we save

when things are declining or have hit the bottom, life can get a little bit stressed.


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