Savings tips from Gary


1.)   Work toward getting your monthly living expenses to be under or as close to 50% of you monthly income as possible.
2.)   Pay yourself first. ASAP.
3.)   Set up your 3 Bucket Asset Allocation Plan TODAY.
4.)   Have enough money in a penalty free/Tax excluded plan to cover your monthly living expenses for as close to 9 months or greater ASAP.
5.)   Protect yourself and your loved ones from any unexpected drains on your income.
6.)   Spend no less than ½ half the time you spend planning special events on planning for your financial future.
7.)   Expect the unexpected. Bad things do happen to good people.
8.)   When you take care of today; tomorrow will be a little easier to get through.
9.)   When you are lost in what to do, ask for help
10.) Adjust the deductibles on ALL insurance policies to reflect how you use them. This can free up money to add to your 3 Bucket Asset Allocation plan.

Author: On Twitter @garymccarty

Gary McCarty is an experienced business consultant.

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