A life lesson from Gary

When I was a teenager I remember thinking that I would live forever. I had all the time in the world to do the things I needed to do in order to live a good and fulfilling life. My first job was great, I had almost more money each week than I could spend. Life was good.

When I was in my 20’s I worked for companies that offered benefits. You know, the ones that all of the older, married co-workers wanted. I could be risky. I was young. I had all the time int he world to get something established that would really work. I was 40 years from being in my 60’s. Life was good.

When I reached 40 I looked at my accounts and said, “Wow, If only I’d…………”. You know, this was one of those times when you start to reflect. I had always heard that “bad things can happen to good people”. I had heard to “lay up treasures in heaven” and “where your treasure is is where your heart also is”. From the looks at my balance sheet it was fairly evident of what I considered treasures, not to mention the credit card statements.

Now that my life has made yet another turn of a page I have learned that time and money are precious commodities and we should guard both with the same vengeance and diligence. When I was young I thought like a young man and now that I am not as young I throw away the foolishness ways of the past to be able to achieve the ultimate prize and step into a life that is free of headaches and heartaches. Especially when it comes to how I use my time and money.

Where are you today? If you are young you are in such a great position in life to learn from people who have stepped on the same path you are on. You may not see them because they are farther on the journey than you are but trust me, they are on the same path.

Thank you

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