>Investing in the hottest products? Who is making the most money?

>All the noise in the investment world is causing a similar “buzz” that we see when the Lottery reaches a new high. Everyone starts buying to get into the action. The prize of a High Return is pulling people in that they spend money that is not discretionary but rather it’s necessary to their living/

Gold prices today are at a high. But common sense still holds true. “Buy Low/Sell High” is the way to maximize earnings. So who is behind all of this Invest In Gold advertising? Is it possible the ones who will make the most money since they “Bought Low” are the ones who want you to invest today? Can you afford to buy at the top and lose money when the sell off begins? What voices do you pay attention to when you put your money back for the future? The ones who will make the “Biggest Return” or the ones who are consistently saying the same thing regardless of the “Daily Fad” economic conditions.

As a protectionist my goal is always to help you preserve your principal while maximizing your returns. Let’s sit down to review your current plan.

Author: On Twitter @garymccarty

Gary McCarty is an experienced business consultant.

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