>Making a Charitable Gift Easier for Everyone

>If you are the director of a charity you know how important it is to raise funds. In fact, it’s vital to the lifeblood of the organization. In today’s economy more and more past donors are holding on to their cash flow for as long as possible. The major concern is that they are scared of outliving their money. Since we are living longer today I couldn’t agree with em more.

As a charitable organization you are caught in the middle. You have donors who believe in your cause and have even placed you as a beneficiary of some of their cash when they die. But in the mean time the same people are reluctant to part with any large cash donations for the above mentioned reasons.

What if could help create a lifetime cash flow for the donor while at the same time increase the amount of contributions to your organization. All this being done while you manage the organization, not the payment to the donor. Would your donor be happy seeing their cash work for you while they are living? Would they like to enjoy a steady stream of income for life if they need it? And what if a $100,000 gift could generate could provide a 67 year old male $492 a month for the rest of his life, income tax free for over 18 years, and you could use $30,000 of the gift today? There is even more to gain with more assets in the gift.  Would that be a win/win?


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