>Wealth Restoration

>Did you know?
“US Household wealth fell by a record $5.1 trillion from October to December, 2008″1 Between home values, stocks and 401(k)s plummeting, it’s no wonder that many families are in desperate need of wealth restoration strategies, fast.

The Indexed Universal Life Solution – “Triple Duty Dollars”

Single Duty: IUL death benefit protection for family. Death benefit calculated to replace lost asset values.

Double Duty: IUL to protect insured and their family from a catastrophic illness. Accelerated Benefits Riders to provide that protection.2

Triple Duty: IUL as part of a diverse retirement portfolio using tax-free distributions to supplement retirement.3

IUL 6% fixed bucket today to get back on track
Plus, index strategies for potential upside returns tomorrow.
Only life insurance can provide this per dollar value.3

The Case
47 Year Old Male, John, is a successful attorney with a young family that has lost considerable wealth due to the declining value of his retirement accounts and his home. He estimates the combined loss at $500,000. The Solution
John elects to purchase an Index Universal Life Insurance contract to provide “Triple Duty” protection for him and his family.
Triple Duty Dollars
Single Duty: $500,000 of benefit to protect his family.
Premium: $1,000/month.
Double Duty: Accelerated benefits1 to protect against an unexpected illness. Example: $226,563 total benefit amount for a Chronic Illness at age 75.
Triple Duty: Supplemental retirement income stream2 illustrated at $36,000 for 15 years through age 80.
Plus: $165,911 of tax-free death benefit at attained age 85 available to beneficiaries.

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