Make Every Dollar Count

I have many clients who set aside money or a particular asset with the intention of leaving the asset to their family, usually children or grandchildren, but sometimes to a church or a charity.  Most often these accounts are IRAs, annuities or savings accounts.


There are two questions that are commonly asked by clients regarding these assets.  First, is there a way I could increase the amount of the legacy for my loved ones?  Second, is there a way I can minimize the amount of income taxes I have to pay during the remainder of the time these funds stay in the account?


I am writing you to let you know that there is an excellent strategy for accomplishing both of these goals.  That strategy is called Capital Transfer.  You can immediately increase your estate and provide a legacy for your children or favorite charity that under current law is not subject to federal income taxes through using life insurance.


I am making a focused effort to inform all of my clients of this wonderful strategy for assuring that their beneficiaries receive “An Enhanced Legacy.”  I will call you in a few days to see if you might have “earmarked” assets to be left to your loved ones and if you would be interested in learning more about this strategy


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