>College Education Funding for your Children. Some thoughts to consider

>Saving for your children’s college education is important. Did you know that the current financial aid guidelines ignore any cash accumulated in the cash value of a life insurance policy? You know that you need a
strategy that will help protect your family in the event of your premature death. Permanent life insurance can help you plan for both.

Each premium payment you make builds cash value. Cash value can be used to pay college tuition and expenses. Cash value can be used for other needs during your lifetime, through income tax-free policy loans and withdrawals and can also be activated to generate an income stream that never runs dry while you are living.

Life insurance death benefit provides your family with an income tax-free death benefit that they can use to:
* Maintain their lifestyle and protect their future financial security
* Pay future education expenses for your children

Using cash value life insurance as a tool for college saving

Your goal:
Protect the people who depend on you plus save for your children’s college education.
• You want to protect the people who depend on you if you can’t be there to provide for them
• You want to set money aside that can be used to help pay college tuition costs
A potential solution:
Permanent life insurance provides death benefit protection and cash value growth.

Permanent life insurance provides:
• Income tax-free death benefit for your family if you die prematurely
• The savings component of a cash value insurance policy can be used to cover the cost of tuition
• Your money grows tax-deferred and as long as your policy stays in force, withdrawals or loans you take from your policy cash value are tax-free

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