>Did you know? An outline of investing principals.


How do your retirement and investment accounts look? When you signed up for the 401k did you choose a plan that was a high growth plan? If so you have a plan with stocks and bonds in it. How are they performing you have enough income from your investment to get you through your entire lifetime?

Did you know that most Americans us pensions & 401k plans as their only form of retirement planning along side of Social Security? That disturbs me and is the root cause of retirees being in the shape they are in today. Think about taking a 40% pay cut in 2008 because the stock market crashed and there has only been modest increases in ’09 and ’10. Couple that with taxes at 20% and you have people trying to survive on pennies instead of living life without worries. 
Even the most aggressive investors with the mindsets of the Wealthiest money experts have only 65% of their total plan in the market. Take a look below and see where you fit. I think you will be surprised. 

The Conservative Client

Conservative clients have a very low risk tolerance and will place prime importance on preservation of principal. They will usually be willing to accept lower potential gains for a higher level of safety. Fixed instruments and annuities may make up the majority of their investments. The following allocation picture may best suit this client.


The Average Client

The average client is interested in some safety but also wants some of the potential gains that are associated with the equities markets. With this client, the assets allocated for retirement income would be placed in annuities and other available income would be in more aggressive investments. Equity indexed annuities may be good for the retirement income objective with this client, depending on the length of time to retirement. The allocation may appear as shown below.

The Aggressive Client

This client is willing to risk safety for higher growth potential and is more prone to invest in equity funds. Equity indexed annuities may provide safety for retirement funds and still allow for participation in the market, without the downside risk. This graph shows how this asset allocation may appear.

When these charts are measured to the Rule of 100 a person can be on the path of having enough to live on. Who is helping you with your current financial strategies? It was said that the average American will have 2 separate financial consultants. One who works on their money accumulation and another who works on their income stream for later years. I specialize n putting people on the road of financial security through time tested practices and principals that have weathered over 160 years. If you are ready to make the step into a more stable financial life you owe yourself the time and courtesy to get with me. My email, phone and office are available for you. Just reach out and ask for my time. It will be well worth the investment.


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