>When misconceptions can hurt you

>Misconception: a false or mistaken view, opinion, or attitude

If you or someone you know had a mistaken view on a topic that could cause great harm, when should they be made aware of it? 

Peoples views are shaped from the earliest years of life and become the core belief of how we end up living our lives. From the food we eat, the houses we live in to the deepest of spiritual beliefs, each one was developed and shaped from the environment we lived in. But what if that environment wasn’t the best or the right environment for a long, healthy life and even better eternity? Could life be better if someone would share with us the better way to go or better yet, if we were exposed to a different view that was a better one, shouldn’t we investigate and see if we would be better off changing our direction?

I have heard it said that all people view normal living based on what was experienced in their lives. If that is an absolute then no one is abnormal. Abnormal is nothing more than a prejudiced statement based on the observers perspective of normality. Is it abnormal to think that living in the city is relaxing? Is it normal to allow your children to run through your neighbors yard at 10pm screaming while hiding, playing flashlight tag? What about dress your 5yr old girl up to look like a 25 yr old supermodel? I am sure that someone thinks that this is normal or they would not allow it to happen.

The same is true with our views of the Bible and how it speaks to our handling of all of our daily activities. From eating, discipline, relationships to investing, working and our secular life. What we interpret as normal is filtered through eyes that were trained from our early years. The question of the day is a 2 fold one: If you had a misconception, when would you like to be made aware of it and what would it take to help you change? My blog is designed expose you to core values and ideals that are based on time proven concepts. I hope we get a chance to sit down or chat sometime so I can hear your thoughts. 


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