>Buying term and investing the difference.

>If you have spoken with people in the life insurance industry you have no doubt been given the options of whole life, universal life, and term insurance. Are you as surprised as I am that here are so many opposing opinions on the concept? Even people in the media have opinions?

The bottom line is that there is coverage when death occurs on the life insurance and in the event of needing income for the retirement years, there is adequate money to sustain those years. How this is accomplished is subject to personal needs, goals and risk tolerances.

Consider the following points when weighing out your options:
* What is my family history? Do I have longevity on my side or did my parents and grandparents die young?
* Do I want to have a partner participate in my retirement? Who will be investing my money? Will it grow? Will I pay taxes on the growth, Principal or both?
* Do I need to know that my insurance costs will not change when I am older?
* What happens with my money when I die? Will there be taxes that need to be paid by my heirs or will it pass tax free?
*Will I outlive my retirement money or will I have to work in my later years?

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