Why Rolling over your previous employers 401K makes sense

As I was driving in today I was thinking about the Indianapolis Stamping plant vote and how once again more people will be left without employment. With 10% of the people in the area currently looking for work I have to assume that many of them have money they put in accounts for retirement with their previous employers.

The same employers that put these people out of work are managing the assets that these out of work people have put back for future needs.

Taking the money from that plan and putting it in a place where it can grow and never shrink,(unless a withdrawal is taken)is a great way to preserve the cash that was put back with good intentions and staying in control of the money.

I am amazed at the thought of people who are paying a money manager every year to keep tabs on their accounts only to watch the balances decrease. Does the thought of not having control of your accounts bother you? When you get your 401K statement and it shows your balance going backwards instead of forwards, does that make you happy? If I were managing your accounts and you kept losing money would you keep me as your account manager?

Today is a great day to consider your own risk tolerance and what you are willing to give up in an effort to have a stress free retirement. I hope to hear from you on your thoughts.

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