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Discover How The Foods You Eat Every Day Are Making Your Fat Cells SICK

Attention Men & Women Over Age 50 Struggling To Lose Weight…Discover How The Foods You Eat Every Day Are Making Your Fat Cells SICK 

These will make it IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight and at the same time will also damage your joints, disrupt your hormones, rapidly aging your skin, and even leading to Diabetes.

What if I told you one of these so-called health foods could be forcing your body to store fat?

Which one do you think it is?


B. Whole Wheat Bread

C. Soy

D. Corn

Even if you’re a health expert have read countless books on the subject, it’s probably not what you think it is because the answer is counterintuitive…

I’ll reveal which one it is in just a second…

First, I have an odd question to ask you…

Why are there so many fat doctors in America?

Think about it.

Have you ever had an overweight doctor? Chances are you have.

If these people are the leaders of health in our country, then why are they just as unhealthy as the rest of the population? Something must be wrong…

According to a Physicians Health Study, 40% of the 19,000 doctors were overweight and 23% were obese.

That means over half of the doctors in America are overweight.

And here’s even worse news…

Overweight and obese physicians report significantly less confidence than their normal-weight colleagues in giving their patients diet or exercise counseling.

The average doctor receives about 8 to 25 hours of Nutrition training in their entire career. It takes 7 years to become a doctor AFTER they’ve finished their bachelor’s degree. That means they spend less than a tenth of a percent of their education learning about nutrition and how it affects your health.

What’s even worse is the information they do learn is the same outdated information that’s made America the obesity capitol of the world.

The problem is doctors aren’t taught to treat problems. They’re taught to treat symptoms. The entire medical establishment is designed to diagnose a problem and then treat the symptoms with medication.

Their training isn’t the only problem…they’re also financially incentivized by Pharmaceutical Companies to prescribe drugs. If they can keep you fat and sick so you have to keep taking their drugs then they keep making money

I’m not saying these doctors are bad people. They’re just misinformed.

And don’t get me wrong. Western Medicine is INCREDIBLE…when it comes to things like broken bones, heart attacks, and other life threatening issues.

But when it comes to fat loss and increasing your energy…it’s a total failure.

So what’s the solution?

If the people we’ve trusted to heal us are just as unhealthy as we are…what can we do?

Well, if you want to increase your energy, get rid of joint pain, and change how your body looks on the outside…

…you have to start with what’s inside.

Let me explain…Joint pain, muscle weakness, digestive issues, “old” skin and hair, stubborn belly fat, zero energy, and an addiction to carbohydrates…

… and they’re ALL connected.

You may be thinking this all sounds crazy, but let me ask you this…

How many of the following are you currently struggling with?

  • Stubborn belly fat that will NOT go away (no matter how hard you exercise or diet)
  • Painful or uncomfortable bloating (especially after eating meals or drinking)
  • Fat gain in strange places (chest in men, belly in ladies, for example)
  • Joints that ache and are painful
  • Digestion issues (IBS, gas, stomach discomfort, constipation, diarrhea, undigestived food in stool)
  • Dry, flaky, wrinkly, & “old” skin (looking older than you really are…)
  • Energy swings (low energy before eating, high after… then crash)
  • Constant craving of snack foods like crackers, cookies, chips, and other carbohydrates
  • Frustrating Sleep Issues  (can’t fall asleep, wake up through the night, still tired in the morning)
  • Moody and irritable if you get too hungry
  • Indigestion

Your Digestion & Stubborn Belly Fat…

There is growing evidence showing the connection between a “leaky” gut and issues such as weight gain, thyroid problems, Type-2 Diabetes, a lack of energy, digestion problems (constipation, bloating, gas, diarrhea, indigestion, etc.).

Basically, your gut works like this…

Your entire digestive system, from your mouth to your hind end, is one long tube that’s actually outside your body… even though it’s inside.

This long tube has very strong barriers that keep toxic substances OUT of your body, and when these barriers are damaged, as in the case of leaky gut, then food particles and toxins that are not supposed to make it into your blood stream and lymph system, are there, which then makes organs like your liver have to work double time to get rid of this toxicity.

This heavy workload then makes your liver get sluggish and bogged down(imagine yourself having to do the job of 10 people in half the time and how that would make you feel)…

When your liver gets sluggish it makes it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to burn fat, because that’s where your fat gets processed…

… but it all starts in your gut.

Your intestines have small hair-like features that line their walls that help shuttle food along, aid in digestion, and help shuttle nutrients from your digestive system into your bloodstream to be used by your body.

Unfortunately the foods you eat, including many foods falsely labeled as “healthy”, as well as too much stress, a lack of sleep, too much alcohol, a lack of Vitamin D, and more can damage this delicate system…

… Causing toxins to be “leaked” into your body, leading to weight gain, an inability to LOSE weight, achy joints, constipation, bloating, rapidly aging skin, zero energy, hormone problems, etc.


What foods can lead to such a horrible situation?

The biggest culprits are the “health foods” you eat every day, and have been told are the healthiest by big food corporations, your doctor, health teachers, and even the government.

You often hear vague claims in the news that “sugar is bad for you” or that “wheat and gluten are bad for you”, but do you truly understand what these foods do to your insides?

Most people DON’T understand the reasons…

…and the fact is that some of the foods you’re going to discover can not only DESTROY your digestive system, but also hormones and metabolism.

Not only that, but as you’ll see below, there’s a common plant-based food that you probably eat in restaurants frequently (I bet you ate this at least ONCE in the last week), and this common plant food is proven to CAUSE heart attacks!

What IS the Difference Between Success and Failure with the Keto Diet?

  • Keto Diet Basics To get started, you’ll learn the basics of the keto diet, how it was developed, how it works, 13 tips for success, foods to enjoy, and more.
  • Eating Well On Keto In this guide, you’ll get 10 breakfast recipes, 14 lunch recipes, and 14 dinner recipes, plus a companion 28-Day Meal Plan calendar.
  • Staying In Ketosis You’ll learn how to get into ketosis in as little as 3 days, how to know of you’re in ketosis, and much more.
  • Mastering Macros Learn how to calculate your macronutrients and maintain the proper ratios to stay in ketosis!
  • Beating Keto Flu What the “Keto flu” is and how to make it go away quickly if you experience any symptoms.
  • Intermittent Fasting Learn about 5 different styles of Intermittent Fasting to kickstart ketosis and accelerate fat loss.
  • Social Situations Discover healthy ways of dealing with social pressures. Includes tips for eating out and guidelines for drinking alcohol. This is what makes weight loss sustainable!
  • Guilt-Free Desserts This cookbook contains 36 mouth-watering “fat bomb” recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you in ketosis.
  • Yummy Avocado Recipes Discover 5 unique keto-friendly ways to prepare avocados. Yum!
  • Keto Supplements Guide Learn about 12 of the best Keto supplements that will help you transition to ketosis and make the Ketogenic diet more effective.

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A little humor to brighten up your day.

A fifteen year old Amish boy and his father were in a mall. They were amazed by almost everything they saw, but especially by two shiny, silver walls that could move apart and then slide back together again.


The boy asked, ‘What is this Father?’

The father (never having seen an elevator) responded, ‘Son, I have never seen anything like this in my life, I don’t know what it is.’


While the boy and his father were watching with amazement, a fat old lady in a wheel chair moved up to the moving walls and pressed a button. The walls opened, and the lady rolled between them into a small room. The walls closed and the boy and his father watched the small numbers above the walls light up sequentially.


They continued to watch until it reached the last number… and then the numbers began to light in the reverse order.

Finally the walls opened up again and a gorgeous 24-year-old blond stepped out.


The father, not taking his eyes off the young woman, said quietly to his son…..

‘Go get your Mother’

Turning Business Success into Personal Financial Security

Most business owners depend on their businesses to provide current income, with the objective of using the future sale proceeds from the business to meet retirement income needs, or to provide family survivor income needs. Some business owners may also see their business continuing in the hands of family members who will continue its successful operation, extending the financial benefits far into the future. However, many business owners never take the time to plan how this will actually happen; discovering too late, for example, following the untimely death of a co-owner, that the time for planning has gone by.

Family businesses who make it to the second, third and even fourth generations have one thing in common; owners who understand the planning opportunities available to them and the importance of developing and implementing a long-range plan. These plans include protecting against the unexpected death of an owner or key employee; motivating and rewarding key people with tangible benefits and incentives; using business dollars to fund retirement plans, and transitioning the business to a successor owner.

One of the ways a business owner can protect his or her business if an essential employee dies unexpectedly, is through the purchase of business-owned life insurance. With insurance coverage in place, the business will have the funds it needs to replace essential skills or expertise. Having life insurance in place on key people may also improve the creditworthiness of the business; creditors may be less likely to call loans and may be more likely to extend credit to a business that has a plan in place in the event of the death of a key person.

Keeping and motivating key employees can be as important to the ongoing success of a business as protecting the business in the event of their death. Certain types of benefits can be offered to select key people on a “discriminatory” basis – that is, a business owner has a great deal of flexibility in terms of who is rewarded and by how much. Depending on the benefit, the business may get an offsetting tax deduction or build an asset that can be tapped into for cash needs.

As some point, most business owners start to think less about guiding their business into the future and more about transitioning out of its day to day operation. This is the time to plan an exit strategy that allows an owner to transfer any personal wealth accumulated inside of the business to him or herself, without jeopardizing the business’ ongoing financial health. Without such an exit strategy, an unexpected death could leave an owner or their family in a disadvantaged selling and/or bargaining position. Life insurance can address this important need. Because of its income tax free death benefit, life insurance is often used to fund a buy-sell agreement that can help ensure the continuation of the business beyond the voluntary or involuntary departure of the owner. This type of agreement is a legally binding document that the business owner can enter into now that sets out the terms and conditions of the sale of his or her business interest at some point in the future. These terms and conditions include who will purchase the business and for how much, when the sale will take place, and how the purchase price will be paid.

Planning for the growth and success of a business is not something you do only once. It’s something you do on an ongoing basis. As your business moves through the various stages, the strategies you implement in one stage can help build the foundation for future stages, as you build a strong financial future.

The views and information contained herein have been prepared independently of the presenting Representative and are presented for informational purposes only.

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