What Is Adzooma & How Does it Work?

Adzooma is a digital marketing platform that helps you gain a competitive advantage. Spend up to 90% less time managing campaigns and improve return on ad spend. But how does it work? – Our platform analyses your advertising accounts 24/7 – It clearly highlights opportunities to improve – You choose which ones to apply 85% of them can be applied with a single click. Want to save even more time? Of course you do! You can set up automation rules and let the platform do the heavy lifting. Connect multiple accounts with Google Ads and Facebook Ads and manage all of them from one screen. You can add multiple users as well so your whole team can join in. Before you used to spend hours analysing data, looking for improvements, and making manual changes. Now it takes seconds giving you time to focus on your strategy to win more customers. Optimise. Automate. Win. Sign up today! https://www.adzooma.com

Author: On Twitter @garymccarty

Gary McCarty is an experienced business consultant.

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