Anticipators are winning the day

What makes me unique to the IT world is my background in consultative sales and marketing. This give me the perspective of a business owner/partner to my firm as opposed to the technician that carries a toll box full of toys. Read this article from

By Dan Roberts and Larry WolffCIO | FEB 14, 2018 7:35 AM PT

If you or someone you know would benefit from partnering with a someone like myself that has extensive background in business development, let me know.

The journey to advance IT maturity turns out to be less about competence around technology and more about something more human, and it’s often harder to define and instill in the organization: collaborative human relationships built on trust.

The old trap was business leaders wanting to keep IT in the IT Supplier box, and we were happy in our order-taker comfort zone. Today, IT is on the offensive — moving up the Maturity Curve so we can position our companies to fight off disruption while driving transformation and disruption ourselves


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